My hubby Logan & I at Xmas/Yule 2020

I’m Nikkole Watkins, a Professional Content Writer specializing in mental health, religions, & pets.

When I was in grade school, my best friend and I wrote stories about these characters called “Creampuffs.” Ah, the imagination of a child. What if that imagination never left? What if it just got bigger, stretched its muscles, and got even more creative?

 That’s me today. I’m known to have the wonkiest ideas. I think outside of the box regularly and have a fine-tuned attention to detail. I’m always up for a challenge. While I specialize in the topics listed above, I’m open to writing about anything. I want to help you grow your audience and expand your business potential by writing for you. Blog posts and articles are my jam. I’m always down to research when needed!

 I’m computer savvy when it comes to adding links and details to a post. As you can see in some of my posts, I’ll add an Instagram or Facebook post and embed it in a blog article. I try to make my posts stand out from the other shared blog posts out there.

 In my early days of writing professionally, I became a self-published author. I’ve written a novel, a novella, and a short story. You can find all my books on amazon.com.

 Fiction is something I hold near and dear to my heart as it provides me an outlet to put my creativity to good use. I never stop thinking. There’s always just another idea right around the corner.

 I live in Bloomington, Illinois, with my husband, Logan. We have one dog, a Presa Canario named Lucky, and currently four ferrets who are so named Reamus, Dora, Emile, and Remy. I’m quite an animal lover with over ten years of experience taking care of dogs and ferrets.

 In my spare time, well, when there is extra time, I like to write, write and write. Oh, and read! I love taking photographs of myself in cute outfits for Instagram, along with taking family portraits for others. I’ve been doing “Fall Photo” sessions for my sister since she was at least ten years old. I’ve always been into photography and taking photos of nature and people.

 As you can probably tell, I love changing my hair. Short hair has become something I love about myself and all the endless possibilities for hair cuts. As far as color, I’ve had just about every color in the rainbow, except pink. I love being able to express myself by changing my hair frequently. It’s a common thing psychiatrists see in Bi-Polar patients, women, and men; this according to my psychiatrist. 🙂

 I’m very open about having Bi-Polar Disorder and writing about my experiences with mental health, including depression and anxiety. I started suffering from depression when I was about ten and have been through many prescriptions. I’ve finally found the right combination that helps me to stay motivated, focused, and creative.

 I’m a practicing Wiccan and have been studying Wicca and Paganism since 2010. I was initiated into my local coven in 2011 as a first-degree member. I met many amazing people in that coven, and one of my high priests married my husband and me in 2012 in a formal Wiccan handfasting ceremony. I have bounced between being a member of the coven and being solitary for about nine years now. I intend to go back and continue learning and studying until I become a third-degree high priestess.

 I’ve fumbled back and forth between Christianity and Paganism frequently in my short lifetime.

 I grew up in a Methodist church in a small town and stayed a member until 2018. I discovered another Methodist church closer to home in Bloomington and joined that church. I had an excellent minister there. I was briefly involved in a young adult group there as well. I stopped attending that church in 2019 and moved my interests back into Paganism. I considered myself a solitary Wiccan and still do today, to the disappointment of some family members.

 I’m just a regular millennial entering her 30’s trying to make a living doing something I’m passionate about. I love writing. It’s such a beautiful practice, and I hope you enjoy all my posts as much as I enjoy writing them!