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“The article was well written. I enjoyed reading it. Nikkole is a very talented writer. I hope I will gain more clientele from other readers who read the article. I see big things for Nikkole in the future! I hope to read more of her articles. I really enjoy them!” – Yakiena Greene, owner of Homebody Cosmetics

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I took a week off from writing…

Here’s what I learned. This last week of May was such a rough week for me. I took almost a whole week off from writing. I decided to start this week fresh and continue my passion. If you subscribed to my Substack, then you know what happened. I got extremely down about my writing and came to…

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Fresh Start

Hello! Welcome! My name is Nikkole and I’m running NikkoleWrites.com. I currently work a 9-5 at a call center 5 days a week and write when I get off work. My writing routine usually starts around five PM-ish then goes on and off until at least nine or 10:00. Lately I’ve been trying to get…

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